Labor szkło
Labor szkło


LABOR SZKŁO (tel.+48 81 53 260 33) produces glass laboratory equipment made ​​of glass imported DURAN and SIMAX since 1960.

We manufacture, among other equipment for distillation: spiral condensers, Allihn condensers , Vigreux condensers, kits for distillation with water vapour, sorbic acid determination sets, SO2 determination sets, nitrates determination sets, chromatography columns, funnels, weighing bottles, gas wash bottles, water jet pumps, homogenisers, test-tubes, cenrtifuge test-tubes, test-tubes digestion, Nessler cylinders, Pasteur pipettes and other.

We also accept custom orders for products supplied by drawing or pattern. The shape and dimensions of our products comply with current European Union standards. All products are annealed at 540°C.

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